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Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 32
Country Bangladesh
City Dhaka
Marital statusUnmarried
Height4 feet 8 inch
Weightnot sure
EducationMasters in English
OccupationEnglish translator
Profile MakerBrother
Born / RevertedBorn as Muslim
Perform SalatDaily
Read QuranOccationaliy

I am the brother who is making this profile on behalf of my sister. She is well educated and good looking. We live in dhaka, bangladesh on our own house.

We want someone who lives in Dhaka, has their own House in Dhaka, well educated, Good businessman or good job holder

We want someone with good character .

I want a good family for my sister.

My mobile  01784624673 (from Bangladesh) or 008801784624673 (from outside Bangladesh)